Houston, TX
I am Pat Nguyen.

I am a Houston based Web Developer. I am currently looking for my first career opportunity as a Junior MEAN/MERN full-stack Web Developer. In the mean time, I am self-learning through Udemy and building my portfolio.

I started learning backend using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. Now I am focusing on front-end frameworks starting with React then Angular.


I am a motivated developer that learns through courses and creating my own personal projects. I am continuing to learn and improve my skills as I seek full-time employment, where I hope to improve my skills as a developer.


Node, Express, Mongo, Javascript, npm


I have a passion for gaming. In my free time I like to stream on Twitch. I dabbled in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere to create content.


HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Angular


As I continue my career, I hope to gain an understanding and experience of Google Analytics and SEO.


Just Friends Home

*Note: Please allow the website a couple of seconds to load because application uses the free tier of Heroku to deploy.

In this project, I used Node.js for the back-end and Angular as the front-end. Node communicates with Twitter + Twitch API and sends whatever is needed to the front-end. What is displayed depends on if anyone is online.

UFC Scoring App

This is my first website I built from scratch. This website uses Node.js to communicate with the UFC API. I used vanilla Javascript to calculate the scores that the user input for the fight and is added to MongoDB.

Fortnite Companies

This is my first go on creating a (fake) company focused SPA with the use of Bootstrap.